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What is WordPress Web Design?

I used to think WordPress only related to development only whether its theme development, custom development or plugin development.

Being a WordPress Developer, I used to disagree with idea about WordPress Web Design, maybe partly because I thought WordPress only related to development being a WordPress Developer and Web Design overall included WordPress Web Design too. But my opinion had changed over past years to classify WordPress Web Design as separate skill sets. I will be backing up this with few points in this article.

WordPress is template based CMS

WordPress is template base. By template base, I mean WordPress theme can be broken into various sections such as header, footer, sidebar, search, etc to form overall structure or architect of the website.

Modular design or modular development is architect based approach where each and every minor details and knowledge can contribute to better results. So in order to design a good framework for any WordPress theme, its better if the designer knows about how WordPress Theme is overall designed and architect.

This is main valid point why I advocate about WordPress Web Design now.

Designer who have idea about WordPress design better WordPress sites

As stated above, WordPress Theme being a template based, designer with knowledge of how theme works can design better WordPress websites.

By better I mean:

  • website that is easy to use as user
  • better conversion rates as good layout are light and easy to code and SEO Optimisation can be implemented better
  • developer friendly – easy to code and maintain

This is second valid point why WordPress Web Design can be categorised as separate niche.

Good WordPress Web Design have better ROI

Every web design end goal is better conversion rates. Whether it’s getting more leads or getting into wider audience, good well planned design always delivers better.

So what are the basis of good web design that yields better Return of Investment (ROI)? A website which performs better ROI includes:

  • User Friendliness with good user experience
  • Well architect for SEO for better rankings
  • Well-structured and written to generate more revenues

A good WordPress web design therefore at least need to include above points, in order to generate best result out of the website.


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I am Robin - WordPress Developer based in Sydney. I work as Digital Developer. I do some projects now and then, and love blogging about WordPress and Web Design.