WordPress Tutorials Sites for improving your skills

The availability of themes, plugins and tutorials over the internet are massive and it does help to grow yourself and increase your knowledge base. Over the years I had been learning wordpress via blogs, forums, tutorial sites.

Based on my personal experiences I am listing three of very useful blogs that provide a lot of resources for WordPress Development.

WP Tuts+
I have to honestly admit WP Tuts+ had been so helpful for my personal development as the WordPress theme developer. The site contains tutorials on varied categories and topics. Almost all
tutorials are well written, edited and hence easy to follow and implement. And another good thing is the site keeps on adding new resources at frequent interval and are written by knowledgeable
writers from all over the world.

The site contains tutorials for beginers as well as for the more experienced users. The topic varies from very basic topics to advanced topics like Plugin Development, Widgets and Theme Development.

In conclusion, the site is very much resourceful to the WordPress Developers of all skill sets.

Smashing Magazine
Who else doesnt like Smashing Magazine. For me I start the day browsing this site first. I am in love with the site and very thankful to the contribution its making to improve the quality
of websites by improving the skills of web developer.

Coming to point Smashing Magainze also have number of resources. Smashing magazine had categorised its article into four different categories as Essentials, Techniques, Plugins and Themes.

All the articles are well written by well known authors. Easy to read and follow. Definetly a must read blog to improve as WordPress Developer.

WP Recipes
As name goes, WP Recipes provides you the creative and useful recipes. The brain behind the site is Jean-Baptiste Jung (Pronounce: Young).
The unique feature about the site is the articles are specific and to the point. Mostly the sites consists of functions and hacks to do a particular tasks.

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I am Robin - WordPress Developer based in Sydney. I work as Digital Developer. I do some projects now and then, and love blogging about WordPress and Web Design.