WordPress Security Must Dos

I am sharing few of the tips to the user/blogger with limited knowledge of coding and programming on what to do to make wordpress more secured.

Keep WordPress Updated
Keeping most updated versions of wordpress is MUST. WordPress as being open source, the source code is visible to everybody. So hackers take advantage of this to insert malicious code through loopholes.

But one of the best thing about WordPress is that they are quiet fast to get rid of loopholes and vulnerabilites. So keeping wordpress updated is most.

Keep Plugins Updated
Same goes with the plugins, reasons stated above. So its a good idea to keep them updated.

Get a strong combination of username and password
This is where most people get careless with. Using a combination of admin and simple password like 123456 makes hackers life easy to hack through.

Instead thinking of some really hard combinations will always be better option. Making default admin user name as admin is making one of the parameters to access the admin dashboard non existent.
Do Regular Backups
Backups are more like savings. Just in case if your site goes into complete disaster, you can revert back the site to latest backup.There are several ways of doing a backup. Looking for reliable plugins is one option another being doing backup via cpanel.

Try to use less plugins
This is not to say that we should stop using plugin. WordPress repository have some really good pluings. Selected in a proper way with doing intensive research can bring on added functionalities to your site. But adding too much of plugins might not be good. As mentioned above, plugins with not good reputation or written without securities measurements might create some backdoor for hackers to hack in.

In conclusion, to make WordPress more safer, we can take some easy steps from our side rather than expecting it to do all the things.

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I am Robin - WordPress Developer based in Sydney. I work as Digital Developer. I do some projects now and then, and love blogging about WordPress and Web Design.