WordPress as Conent Management System

WordPress as Open Source Content Management System

For all web developer and owners alike, owning a website is not only about its appeal but more importantly how manageable it is. The market today is flooded with numerous content management system (CMS) contenders offering their products either as closed source or open source. For many people, the latter option is usually more intriguing but not properly understood.

So what is open source Content Management System?

Open source content management system is simply software that is under the control of many and therefore is free to use and generally more popular. This means that all the source codes or code base are freely available for download and can be modified as required and needed.

One of the most popular an open source CMS is WordPress which started off as a blogging platform a few years. But at the point of writing it have evolved as one of the power-house in the open source Content Management System.

Recent statistics shows that more than 20% of website worldwide is running on WordPress Platform.

Advantages of Open Source CMS 

Banking on open source CMS can be quite rewarding for the fact that public software normally has support of many people. Above all it comes for free.

And also there is big community providing great and sharing information that helps to building stable code and user friendly software.

Most open source systems therefore tend to have comprehensive documentation ranging from reviews to how-tos which makes everything from development to design much easier and enjoyable.

Furthermore, open source systems are updated much more regularly and are improved from time to time to keep the users interested and engaged.

More so, these CMSs are mostly transparent and customizable for you to see how it functions and be able to change it to suit your needs.

WordPress Content Management System

WordPress 3.0 has for some time now been the most flexible platform for many and is much easier to use than even Drupal mainly because it accommodates even the less technically inclined. The need to download the software from the mother site WordPress.org is eliminated with the provision of wordpress.com hosting service. Getting started with WordPress is therefore stress free.

Companies that decide to go for high-end WordPress CMS find it easier to orient employees to the system since most of them are already familiar with the administrative interface.

WordPress also favors faster decision making in organization through its hierarchical community which contrasts with the committee-based approach employed by Joomla and Drupal. It can however be said that Drupal is more extensible than WordPress but that is just because the former is shallower than the latter which has a back-end codebase unknown to many. This basically means that people who don’t have developer expertise may not necessarily know the full potential of WordPress since the features are not promoted.

Open source content management systems may be variably accepted, but the fact remains that they have numerous benefits and are much more streamlined than closed source systems. The latter only betters open source in terms of provider support which is not necessarily a required convenience. So long as you can secure code in an open source system, then you can enjoy all the benefits of an open source CMS without any security concerns.

Why Choose WordPress as Your Next Content Management System?

Content Management System’s main functionality is to let user or admin with minimum knowledge about computing or programming manage the website content with heavily relying on someone else. WordPress for sure beat all of its rivals in terms of ease of use.

WordPress is flexible and easy to maintain as well. WordPress by default comes with plenty on inbuilt functionalities that can be incorporated within the website of varying complexities.

WordPress community is quiet big, if not massive. There is a good chance you can find plenty of plugins that does most of the work that you are planning to integrate with your website. But precaution and careful studies are to be done when choosing a good plugin.

So these are fair few points that puts WordPress on top of the chian with the open source Content Management Software. It’s a no brainer choosing WordPress. Highly recommended.


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