WordPress Multisite

WordPress multisite is the feature that allows running multiple sites or networks of site through a single installation of wordpress. All the site or network of sites, runs on same installation of wordpress, shares same theme and plugins.

One of the most common reasons for using multisite will be to allow the user to create new url or site without any hassle. The new url/site can be link or sub-domain within the main page. This can be correlated to the way some of the social media site creates and registers users and give them a new url to show their profile. For example  linked in profile.

Advantages of Multisite

  • Saves time and development cost as a single installation[of themes plugin] and single hosting runs multiple websites
  • Multisite can be advantageous when there is need of creating content or site of similar structures
  • Manage and upgrade plugins and themes in lesser time
  • Need to control all the instances of the sites or url
  • Flexibility to share or isolate information between sites
  • Syndication is top on agenda as sites within multisite automatically shares content, plugins etc
  • Can be really useful for organisations with many branches or a site that lets user create their own profiles and blogs

Disadvantages of Multisite

  • Main problem with multisite is that if main site goes down by any reason all the network site goes down
  • Not all the plugins and themes are compatible with multisite
  • Implementing in smaller site or site with lesser content wouldn’t be a good option
  • Addition of theme or plugin targeting for site in network might affect the entire sites in the network

In conclusion multisite is a great feature if used properly. It does allow site owner and web developer flexibility to try new thing. To implement multisite properly in network of websites, proper studies should be done.

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