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WordPress Login

If you are new to WordPress, one of the most sought out query is “How to login admin dashboard?”. It’s really easy to find the login url of your website. In this article I will show you how to find the login url to WordPress Admin Dashboard.

WordPress Login URL

On default installation of WordPress all you have to do is add /wp-admin/ or /wp-login.php

So, for example if your site url is xyz.com , your admin url is :

http://www.xyz.com/wp-admin or


You have to use your username and password to log in.

Once you are logged in you will be redirected to WordPress admin area.

Can’t login to WordPress

One of the main reasons you are getting error while trying to login to WordPress login/admin area is the mismatched username and password.

If you are having issues with login, you can reset your password using the link provided below the login form.

You simply have to provide your username or email, then an email is sent to you in your email address chosen during installation. You can go to the link and reset your password. For better security reason, it’s advised to have strong password.

.lost your wordpress login details

Protecting your WordPress Login Area

For a user with malicious intent, it’s easy to guess your admin url. So the top most important thing for any secured website is to make sure it is well protected.

As a WordPress Developer, one of the first precautions I take is to make sure WordPress Admin is well protected. I take number of measures and hereby list you some important points that will help to secure your login area.

Strong username password combination

One of the most common causes of hacked WordPress website is simple username and password combination.

It’s mandatory to have a good username and password combination to make sure your admin area is protected. Use a strong password with combination of numbers and symbols.

WordPress now does generate strong password during installation. Please don’t use simple password. Sooner or later, this might lead to a disaster .

One of the tool I normally use to generate strong password is Secure Password Generator.

Limit Login Attempts

Brute force attacks is one of the most common way used by hackers to get access to your website. Generally hackers use username/password combination to try to access the admin area over and over again.

There are several plugins to protect your website against brute force attack by minimising the number of attempts to login. One of my favourite plugin that does this is iThemes Security.

Select hosting with good reputation

Selecting a good web host will allow you to sleep at night without the worry of your site or files being compromised.

A good secured web host will implement various reasons to protect your website and implement good backup strategy if in case your site is compromised. You can revert back your site to the latest working version. And they can investigate the causes of compromise, if needed.

A good web host also implements better firewall strategy minimising the access from wrong crowd with malicious intent to harm your website.

My advice is just don’t think of saving few dollars and ruin your sleep. Pay good money if needed. Remember you will only get what you pay for.


SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer.

SSL provides extra layer of security by providing secured connection between browser and server and encrypting datas that is shared between browser and server during the communication process.

Stay Updated

Stay updated! Update your WordPress Core and all plugins frequently.

Whenever there are any updates, it’s most likely that there are some security updates too. Don’t take your chances with the updates. Update ASAP and stay secure.

I hope this article has provided some idea about WordPress login and staying secure and safe. Please share this article if you find it helpful. This will encourage me to write more and cover more area of WordPress in future.

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