WordPress is here to stay

Recently, I have been doing a lot of study around the latest technologies. I am loving Javascript, and currently learning the React ecosystem. I do question now and then is WordPress Developer a good career? I can still say it is. But adding new skills on your resume always helps you stand out.

So let’s come to the topic, why as WordPress Developer I think WordPress will be here for a long term. Let me break down.

WordPress is free

I am a fan of headless CMS and the concept around it. The concept of using a single datastore to support various platforms is awesome. But digging around the price structure of some of the popular headless CMS, they are expensive.

The fact that WordPress is free is the strongest reason why there will always be demand for WordPress Developers.

WordPress can be used headless CMS

WordPress is easy to manage. Whether as developer or website owner, the relative ease of managing sites built in WordPress is its strongest feature.

Coming to the concept of headless CMS, WordPress can be used as headless CMS with ease. WordPress has an inbuilt REST API that helps WordPress to work as a headless CMS. There are some built in endpoints or routes, and we can also add custom routes or endpoints as needed.

Support around WordPress is great

We all know that the community around WordPress is awesome. But what we don’t consider is that whenever there is new technology or startup, who do they need to support first? It’s a WordPress community.

For example, let’s talk about hosting. We all know that WordPress is fairly easy to install. Installing WordPress on cloud hosting is a bit tricky though. But most recently Google, Amazon Lightsail both support easy installation. My point here is since the WordPress is so big at the moment, there will always be support.

Let’s take another example of a static generator. I am a big fan of Gatsby. Does Gatsby have support for WordPress? Yes there is.

Not all clients are enterprise or multinational

Not all clients have deep pockets. The resources needed to maintain WordPress website over other technologies are way to less. You can hire a good Freelance WordPress Developer to look after your site. If you build similar sites in other technologies, you might need a team.

So, there will always be a market for small to medium sized businesses using WordPress as their web platform.

WordPress is robust

Choose WordPress wisely, it can serve you best. I have worked on websites that generate millions of dollars as revenue, and handle massive web traffic.

If you are running a small scaled low traffic website, you might get away easily. But if you are planning to run decent website that will grow in the future you have to spend on following:

  • Good WordPress Developer
  • Good web and UI designer
  • Solid WordPress host
  • Clever strategy and planning

About Author

I am Robin - WordPress Developer based in Sydney. I work as Digital Developer. I do some projects now and then, and love blogging about WordPress and Web Design.