Why Choose Wordpress

Why WordPress is a good option for non tech savvy Web Owners

For me as a wordpress web developer I find WordPress as CMS easy to work with, extend and less time consuming. But hereby I am sharing some of the salient features of WordPress why it suits to the website owner with less technical knowledge.
The world has really gone digital. There are all manner of websites and online communities, each suited for specific users and topics of study. One thing that has become really popular is blogging. People are running blogs all over, and if you want to carry out SEO, blogs are the way to go. To start a blog, you need a blog hosting service. The most popular site for bloggers is WordPress.com. Here, you can manage a single blog or a chain of them. Here are some of the features that make it top of its game.

1. Simplicity

Even if you have no advanced computer skill, you can use WordPress with the greatest of ease. The instructions are clearly laid out, and there are no complex procedures to follow.

2. User community

wordpress have big and supportive community

WordPress has a large community of users, and this allows there to be some open-source themes and applications, which make it easier to run the blog, as well as tools to help your users to navigate the website.

3. Content

Content is what sets a good blog apart. When you want to have a beautiful and attractive blog, WordPress is the thing for you. It allows high quality pictures, video, and audio. In addition, you have the ease of uploading such files since it operates by drag and drop.

4. Omnipresence

WordPress is available on many devices, allowing you to create and edit posts, even when on the go. All you need is an internet connection.

5. Dress Rehearsal

Wordpress provides a way to preview before publishing

Before you finish a post, WordPress gives you the option of having a final glance at it, in the same format and layout the visitors to the blog will see it. This allows you to make some alterations to the post if you feel that it does not quite hit the mark.

6. Search

When a user wants to access something on your blog, it might be cumbersome to shuffle through all the content in the blog to get it. WordPress has a search feature so that they can just type in what they are looking for. This makes it very SEO friendly, as it will encourage the use of keywords.

7. Language support

WordPress comes with support for many languages, so no matter which language you and the other users of your site used you are covered.

8. User Diversity

When writing a blog, the work may get too much for you to handle, and you might need some additional users to help you out. At times, it may get confusing to know which user is supposed to perform a certain task. The beauty of WordPress is that you can categorize the various users, and assign each a specific role. The main categories are as follows:

Administrator- this is the main user of the site, and has boundless control over all the features of the website. Once you open a WordPress account, the initial user is given this role.

Author –an author can publish and manage posts that they make.

Contributor – as a contributor, one has the role of managing and writing their individual post. However, such a person has no power to publish the posts, unless they submit them to the editor.

Subscriber- a subscriber is lowest on the totem pole of the blog users. The only thing they can do is to manage their profile and read the posts on the blog.

Editor – they are in charge of publishing and managing all the posts within the site. They usually receive posts from the contributors, review them, and decide on which ones they will publish.

WordPress is the next big thing in online sharing and communication. It incorporates all the essential features of blog use. With the large user base that it boasts, one simply cannot deny that it has endless SEO capabilities. It might be the missing link you need to pull your business to the next level.

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I am Robin - WordPress Developer based in Sydney. I work as Digital Developer. I do some projects now and then, and love blogging about WordPress and Web Design.