wordpress development warranty

WordPress Development Warranty

When you buy anything, any good brand provides warranty. So why not a good WordPress Developer back up his work with warranty. I take pride in my work and hence at the point of writing, I have decided to back my work with 6 months warranty once the site is live.

Why Warranty?

I take pride of my work and try to make sure it’s of highest quality following all best practices. I am no fuss developer and love to deliver above requirements of any client. I am proud to have built such a good working relationship, have a look at what client say about me.

What does 3 warranty include?

My warranty make sure the site is up and running without any issue for next 6 months. If you find any issue as per agreed design and development, I will make sure they are fixed as per agreement. So, in short you can have good sleep for 6 months without any worries.

Within this warranty I make sure:

  1. Site goes to 3 monthly maintenance which will upgrade all Plugins and WordPress core
  2. If you find any issue with site, I will fix the code asap
  3. If there is any server or SSL related issues, I will sort that on your behalf
  4. Although I will avoid charging for minor fixes, extra features aren’t included. This is only to the design and development as I agreed

Why only 3 months

WordPress core and plugins update frequently so if you want to make sure they are up to date, rolling on maintenance contract is ideal. Don’t get me wrong all the sites I worked are of highest quality, there are barely any issues with them. And most of site I worked are doing really good in organic SEO too.

But in near future if you want to add new features, that will be extra cost.

If you have any project in mind or want to drop by quick email, why not get in touch.

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