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How do I calculate my WordPress Development Hourly Rate?

Depending on where you are based, you have different rates of payment or if you are in Full Time Role you do have different packages and different incentives.

Being a wordpress developer based in Sydney, I am well aware of how salary for Full Time Employee is packaged. In a general case, an employee is at least entitled to:

  1. 4 weeks of Leave
  2. 10 sick days
  3. 2 week public holidays [roughly]
  4. Bonus
  5. Super Contribution

So in nutshell adding 4 weeks + 10 Days and at least assuming 4 days bonus, you are at least getting paid for 52 weeks + 8 weeks, i.e. 60 weeks. This doesn’t include any Super Contribution.

So this is how I calculate my hourly rate, assuming 38 working hours in a week:

Hourly Rate = (Total Package before super / (52 * 38)  ) * (60/38)

52 = Total weeks in years, 58 is estimated total of weeks after incentives, 39 is normal working hours in a week, * – multiplied by , / – divided by

I then add up 10% to it, referring to Super Contribution.

If you aren’t working full time, it might be good idea to put reference to your last package or else do some research and try to find out average rates for someone of your similar skills.

But I only work on hourly rates for my existing client. This was the decision I made couple of years back.

I hope this will help you some way to calculate your hourly rates.

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