Does experience of WordPress Developer count?

Most recently I had been getting emails quiet frequently from website owners who aren’t very happy with how their website is performing overall. As a WordPress Developer, this isn’t new to me.

In reality as much as it sound offending, almost every website owner target is to get best on low budget, which is most likely to happen. Good quality product cost money. You pay for peace of mind and most importantly for good return of investment.

Two sides of WordPress

There are two sides of WordPress, one being the low cost effective side where you can get your website running very very cheap. You can have cheapest combination of everything – cheap host, cheap themes or you can even run a website on your owning picking up free themes. Downside being 9 out 10 times, it end up being a mess. It might be okay if you are not too concerned for the time and effort you invested and return doesn’t matter.

On other side, there is relatively costly approach to getting your website build. WordPress website do cost significant amount of effort and budget on high scale. High traffic website can be costly in terms of hosting, budget around team, and maintenance etc.

It does take time to master WordPress Development

Being a WordPress Developer, focusing on small to medium scale businesses, I can tell you mastering web development and web design takes time.

In my opinion a well developed WordPress websites meets following criteria:

  1. Website run smooth with minimum downtime
  2. Loads at decent speed
  3. Is focused around User Experience and conversions
  4. Is SEO Optimised
  5. Maintenance takes less effort and works like charm

Running WordPress website need knowledge and effort

For a business oriented WordPress website, it does take combination of several things.

Running WordPress website requires:

  1. Good quality code
  2. Solid WordPress web host providing good infrastructure, security and awesome support
  3. Periodic maintenance and updates

Everything listed above comes with years of experiences.

A WordPress website grows over time

One of the most important aspect of WordPress Development is SEO side of it. SEO doesn’t come with inbuilt as it is something that have to plan and implemented for long term. But WordPress’s architecture do help optimising websites for SEO lot easier.

Having helped more than dozen of local clients to get their website ranking on SEO, I can confirm a well built website grows over time and helps to get best ROI and revenue.

So how do I get the website ranking? I implement following:

1. Design website based on Analytics
2. Implement data drive practices
3. On-Page SEO Optimisation using Google’s best practices
4. Focus on User experience and conversions

So does WordPress Developer experience counts?

Clearly from above, its quiet relevant if you are investing on your business and website, WordPress Developer’s experience matters big time. Website is your 24/7/365 online presence, and it deserve investment. Finding a well versed developer with varied skill sets will help your website and business grow bigger.

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I am Robin - WordPress Developer based in Sydney. I work as Digital Developer. I do some projects now and then, and love blogging about WordPress and Web Design.