WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg

There are lots of buzz around WordPress community about release of WordPress 5.0. It will be major release of 2018 and will include an editor code named Gutenberg.

At the moment I have mixed feelings of both excitement and anxiousness. For sure, Gutenberg as an editor will be powerful and stronger options compared to the current editor. But what I am not really sure about is the idea of making it part of default WordPress core will be a good idea. I am just hoping it will be an optional extra, or at least we will have some time to get used to around WordPress 5.0. As a WordPress Developer, I am just hoping we will get some time before Gutenberg will be part of main core.

Why I am excited

WordPress for sure have massive community and good leadership. And it’s too early not to be excited about the release. Gutenberg’s main target is to make the life of user easier to edit content and layout and make it similar to likes of Medium and Wix.

Gutenberg will allow user to create various layouts easily. It uses concept of blocks. Various blocks such as Table block, Text column blocks, images, galleries will be available as pre-built options in Gutenberg.

Another advantage of Gutenberg is the ease of embedding various media types such as YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitter, Slideshare and many more.

WordPress 5.0 does recommend learning and using JavaScript as its moving to React.Js, which is used by Facebook too.

Why I am anxious

First and foremost, for sure this is a major release and things will break. There will be lot of manhours needed to make old sites compatible with WordPress 5.0.

Anyways, I am curious to see how WordPress will release 5.0, whether they will opt to sink Gutenberg as part of core or as an extendable option is to wait and see. For me personally I prefer second option and hopefully WordPress will do the same. Finger-crossed.

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I am Robin - WordPress Developer based in Sydney. I work as Digital Developer. I do some projects now and then, and love blogging about WordPress and Web Design.