Why WordPress?

WordPress is one of the most user friendly platforms. And upon few creative changes, can be used in websites of various complexities.

One of the standout features of WordPress is its Admin Dashboard. It’s good on eye, easy to use and navigate and most importantly adding the content for site is super easy.

WordPress was originally developed as blogging platform and hence SEO was one of the most important thing considered. And yes WordPress had succeeded on doing that. The concept of permalinks (SEO friendly links), Ping Back and commenting had made it easy to share your ideas and post as well make Google easy to find the particular post.

So hereby I list the reasons why should you choose wordpress as your CMS.
1.Free to Use

WordPress is free to use. That’s one of the reasons for its popularity. It can be used to create blogs, CMS and also a framework. WordPress is the most used platform for both CMS and Blog as listed by the site http://wappalyzer.com/.
why choose wordpress

2.Wordpress Keeps on getting better everyday

WordPress gets better every day. There had been so many functionalities added since it was launched originally as blogging platform.

Few of my favourites had been Custom Taxonomy, Custom Post and Page, Custom Field etc that gives so much flexibility to the developer (as well as user) to add extra functionality on the website.

3.Bigger Communities – Get an access to Plugins and Themes for free

WordPress has a bigger community. These provide us the benefit of getting access to the list of plugins and codes written by other active members and use them and modify as needed in the site. This in turn, lead to saving of time and effort on developing the site.

4.Dashboard to fall in love for

WordPress has one of the good looking, easy to navigate Admin Dashboard. It’s really easy to use. The team at WordPress had been doing good job to make it look better and better with release of new versions.

5.SEO Centered Approach

Isn’t google the hot topic these days ); . Dont you want your CMS to do at least some basic stuff that google loves? With WordPress its easy.

The concept of permalinks helps you do that. The page title is so important in the SEO. WordPress automatically adds the post title as your web page title. You can even customise the title name via dashboard.

You can write a code or use an existing plugin to extend the functionality for SEO to take more control on fields (like meta description).

Another important thing wordpress does is that it allows you to add description and alt tags for the images every time you upload them. A proper description and alt tag is so important for Google, which can be helpful for search results.

6.Manage User Easily

The Roles and User Management inside WordPress is fairly easy. Administrator is on top of the chain and controls other users’ roles and responsibilities.

Thinking about creating a list of Subscribers to your blog or site. Why not let WordPress to let do that. WordPress makes your life easy if you want to store the email and information of the user for your website and send them the newsletter and updates about your site periodically.

In conclusion, WordPress is really an amazing tool to use. It’s fairly easy to install and use. And if you need site with more functionality it can be easily customised.

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I am Robin - WordPress Developer based in Sydney. I work as Digital Developer. I do some projects now and then, and love blogging about WordPress and Web Design.