Product Photography for Ecommerce Web Design

Why Good Product Photography Matters for Successful Ecommerce Web Design?

You are selling sought out products online, getting decent traffic to your website. But wondering why you aren’t converting your visitors to customers.

It might be time to check about your website’s product photography. Good and high quality images targeted to the website audience adds values and worthiness to your websites. Showcasing products with high quality images is the proven technique used for better conversion in any type of ecommerce websites.

So how does product photography fits into good ecommerce web design. First of all, by nature, human look and browse things that look good on eye. So it’s no surprise good photography can lure to sell more.

So what makes good photography?

Good high quality images

In web designs it’s often said that images can speak thousand words, which is quiet true. Good images are self-explanatory and bring life to the website.

On top high quality images add authority and generate trust of the visitors. It does show how serious and committed you are to your business. Adds one more layer of professionalisms. This will in turn help you sell more, and build authority.

One of the website that comes to my mind straight on when I talk about product photography is of Apple. Just for an example let me share a link of Mac Page. The page is all about beautiful high images. It does get lot of attention, doesn’t it?

Ecommerce Product Photography

Apple Mac Landing Page

Context and Background

Context and background matters. It’s really very important to know who your client is, what demographics they represents.

Imagine you are selling good quality clothing. For example you are selling jeans, wouldn’t it be nice to show how jeans look on real people. This does fit in the context of your business too and help customer do some pre-analysis.

I am sharing a link of one my favourite brand Politix. Product page does provide me some clues about how it will look and I can at least guess which color looks much better on me.

Ecommerce Product Photography

Product Page in Politix Websites

Gallery View and Multiple Images

The main advantage of multiple images and galleries is to showcase products from different angles.

People want to see what they are buying. More images show more details of the products. Using sliders when showcasing products are quiet common. Based on details required, adding an option to zoom might be another good options.

One of the online store that I buy is the Iconic. I really like the presentation of products on their site.

Below is a screenshot of an example page in their website. They do have multiple images with an option to zoom.

Ecommerce Product Photography

Product Page from the Iconic


It’s always best advised to use a professional for your product photography. If you do good research you can find a good photographer charging reasonable price. Or else choose a designer and developer that offer it as part of ecommerce web design and development.

If you want to do it yourself just keep in mind of few things bare minimum.

  • Shoot the pictures with a decent camera with plenty of lights at the background.
  • Don’t take pictures on low lights.
  • Try to take pictures on good backgrounds with less distractions and
  • Try to put some decent margins top, bottom, right and left when taking product pictures.

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