Why Freelance WordPress Developer

So you got a decent budget for your website, and hassling around to find a best option to design and develop your website. Obviously you want to choose best. Hiring a WordPress agency will be good solution but never discard an option to look for decent reputed Freelance WordPress Developer too.

I am Freelance WordPress Developer based in Sydney. Normally I don’t work with job done by other developer, but sometime when something interesting does come up, I do have a look at the website and provide honest opinion to the clients.

Out of some audit, only around 10-15% of the website audited looked good. But most of the website looks pretty badly planned, organised and developed.

Your brand will have greater value to freelancer

As a WordPress Developer, I can tell you when you hire a Freelance WordPress Developer, they value your brand lot higher than agency. For most of Freelance WordPress Developer, your website is a showcase of their skill set too, and if done properly it helps to land more leads or conversion.

Agency outsource too

Yes agencies outsource too. Depending upon your budget you might end up someone working in house or someone freelancing. Don’t be surprised if your website is done offshore.

You will be knowing where s/he is working from

Working with freelance developer, you will know to get him/her in person and where they are based. Don’t hesitate to ask for reference checks if needed.

Relatively cheaper price

Since freelancer don’t have setup like paying high bills for rent, or salesperson, overall price for your project will be relatively cheap. This will reflect on your ongoing maintenance too.

About Author

I am Robin - WordPress Developer based in Sydney. I work as Digital Developer. I do some projects now and then, and love blogging about WordPress and Web Design.