What’s new WordPress 3.6 Oscar

As dated 1st of August, WordPress 3.6 “Oscar” is finally now live, with new features. It’s time for excitement for both user and developer. The name goes to in the honor of the Jazz Pianist Oscar Peterson as mentioned in official wordpress blog.

So what are the new features and addition in the wordpress. I am listing some of the important features here below:

New Default Theme Twenty Thirteen (2013)

Apart from being responsive, the theme is based on the latest trend called flat design . It doesn’t come in surprise for me as wordpress had always been proactive to use the latest trend in web. Content is the king as said and the latest theme focuses on the content of the website with its single column layout enhancing blogging experience.

Autosave and Post Locking

In case when multiple author are working on the same blog and same time, this feature of autosaving and locking post comes very handy.

Autosave, which works locally as well as in server side, to save the changes made by an author on a particular post. And just in case if you want to take a break from writing and come back later, you can always start from the point where you left previously.

Post Locking is the feature that informs the writer if somebody else is working on the same blog post or content at the same time. This reduces the chance of over writing changes done by another writer and also working on the same content same time.

New Custom Menu

Custom menu had been part of wordpress for a while but this had got a new facelift in the latest version of wordpress. A user friendly built in accordion had been added to left hand section of the dashboard to ease user in selecting items to be part of the navigation.

HTML5 Media Player

Embedding video and audio had never been easy. There is no more reliance on external service or plugin now. With the new wordpress version, it’s now in built and default.

Above mentioned features had been as user perspective. As a developer there had been some significant changes too. To list few, here are some good ones:

  • Going towards HTML5 standard
  • Audio/video api, as mentioned above is quiet exciting
  • Filters and action hooks for auto save and revision history of the page/post/content
  • Improvement on Plugins overriding
  • Improvements on user role action/hooks

All the major changes and improvements can be found here.

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