What makes a good WordPress website?

WordPress can be a versatile platform to run online presence of any individual or company. What I have learnt from working as WordPress Developer for more than 5 years is that if you build your website right, it will do your business great, do it wrong its waste your time and money. So which side you are?

Are you in wrong side?

Have you rushed your website or chose someone in rush or opted to go for cheaper options to save few hundred dollars? Most of the complaints about WordPress site comes after the launch of the website. Some of the commonly heard problems are:

  • My website is slow
  • Looks different to what I was promised
  • Adding new functionalities is way too hard
  • Developer seem not to respond to queries anymore and so forth

You get what you pay for

This is true most of time. You get what you pay for. If someone promises you lot with less budget, then there is something wrong. They are taking shortcuts. Taking shortcuts won’t deliver great results.

What makes a good WordPress websites?

I am not pitching myself here to spend lot of fortune for your website.

Choose wisely who you work with

First and foremost, use your common-sense, if someone overpromises you, don’t trust them. Ask for the references or projects they have worked with. Talk to real clients and see how they have delivered in past. Finding a good experienced WordPress Developer with good working ethics is must. If you can’t find someone locally or they are too expensive, do some research before you outsource. Don’t rush the project.

Planning is critical phase of your project.

Plan it right you will succeed, plan it wrong it’s going to fail. One of the thing I quiet often bumped into is that, project isn’t scoped properly. This do create understanding details of the project and there is massive gap between your expectation and delivery. Personally, my advise to you is spending fair bit of time to scope your project. When you talk to your probable developer, scope the details of the project as much as you can.

Don’t rush to choose a developer or agency

I would like to compare building website to building a house. After all its 24/7 online presence of your business.

Would you rush to choose a developer for your house or cut some cost just to build your house? Likewise don’t rush your website if it’s really important part of your business. Get in touch with different WordPress Developers, get to know their areas of expertise, know what they bring on table. Choose wisely that suits your scope and budget.

Have a reasonable budget

Budget is quiet critical. It’s very critical to know the complexity of the project. As WordPress Developer, one of the common myth I hear from people is that WordPress is really easy and hence the cost will be way low for any type of project.

Estimating low on project might end up choosing developer who takes plenty of shortcuts to deliver. If local developer are expensive, think about outsourcing to a good reputed developer or company. Do plenty of research before you choose one.

It’s a team effort

Any project is team effort. So it’s your website too. A good website development starts with proper brief and scope. Have a decent and reasonable budget for it. Do plenty of research and hand it over to the developer that meets your requirements. Never take short cut or cost cutting route. It will be destined for failure.

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I am Robin - WordPress Developer based in Sydney. I work as Digital Developer. I do some projects now and then, and love blogging about WordPress and Web Design.