What is wordpress?

So what is wordpress?  Why is it so popular?

WordPress is a open source platform, which refers to free code base that any one can use and modify as needed, that can be used to build websites with varied complexities such as blog, content management system, ecommerce sites etc.

Stared in 2003, what then thought to help blogging and everyday writing, WordPress had come a long way to be a part of millions of websites running on it. Its been used by individulas
to write everyday blogs as well as the bigger companies thats included in Fortune 500 lists to run their websites.

So what makes wordpress so popular. There must be some reasons for it. Yes there are many. Here under I am listing few important ones.

1) Its absolutely free of cost
Yes wordpress is free of cost. As mentioned above being open source, anyone can download it and modify it as their needs.

2) Its real easy to use
Wordpress is really user friendly and easy to use. Any one with little IT background or computer knowledge can use it.

3) Large interactive community
Wordpress has a large interactive community. Thats why it had grown to full content content management system being just started as the bloggin platform. WordPress community had
contributed thousands of plugin, themes and widgets already, which had helped it to expand and function even better.

4) It doesn’t stop getting better
Wordpress keeps on getting better. With every release of the new version, wordpress team gets rid of errors as well as adds functionalities. WordPress is quiet fast in adapting
new technlogies with the latest version supporting responsive layout in its default theme.

5) SEO Centric
Wordpress and SEO is closely connected. The structure in which wordpress publish pages and post are SEO friendly.

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