what is full stack developer

What is Full Stack Web Developer?

Full stack developer in simple terms refer to web developer who can do multiple task related to web design and development. Ideally full stack developer can take a concept of client to reality and making it live on internet.

I am defining full stack developer based on my skill set and what sort of task I can deliver as all round web developer in this article. The definition of full stack developer might vary. But the main idea of full stack developer is someone who can give the client’s concept to finalised output without client depending upon any other professional.

I consider myself as full stack developer as I can design, develop website and make it SEO friendly. Various skill I am capable includes:

1 – Server and Hosting Management

This includes managing server and content of the website that includes assets, codes and files. Also its developer’s responsibility to select best hosting packages based on the client budget.

If its ecommerce or secured websites, integration of SSL certificate also falls under the developer’s responsibility.

2- Web Design and Development

Next after selecting hosting service or packages, its responsibility of developer to work as designer and developer.

Designing includes bring the concept of client to wireframe and PSDs.

Developing includes giving life to PSD to HTML and integrate it to Content Management System as required by client.

3 – User Experience and Web Standards

Website that doesn’t have good User Experience is virtually non-existent. It’s the developer to understand the core value of business and shape of the website’s goal accordingly.

And also on top of that integration of web standards and fundamentals are quiet critical too. At the presence web standard are quiet critical which in turns lead to better user experience.

It might be a sin to avoid the basic fundamentals of web development. Detailed information about the web fundamentals have been nicely complied by google and can be found here.

4 – Search Engine Optimisation

Why shall Search Engine Optimisation be part of developer rather than SEO. Well please note I am talking about Optimisation not ranking or link building.

A good SEO friendly website all starts with good mark-up and making it more readable for bots like Google Bot. The more precise information bot can read about your website the better chances are good SEO results.

Google had been pushing to write more clean and neat mark-up and include rich snippets wherever possible in the website to make the website more SEO friendly.

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