what is cdn

What is CDN?

CDN stands for content delivery network or content distribution network.  CND is a network of distributing system deployed by hosting service provider in order to speed up the website and make user experience better. CDN serves anything related to website from scripts, images to application and services etc. The main goal being, as mentioned above, speed and user experience.

How is CDN set up?

CDN service provider, stores the multiple copies of information whether its scripts, images, software or services in multiple locations (or in multiple servers). So when a visitor visits your website, CDN serves them content from the nearest locations (or servers).

In contrast to website being hosted in a single location, hosting resources in multiple locations makes website load faster.

Why You need a CDN

Unless your website majority visitors are mainly local visitors, in which case hosting resources on local hosting will be a better option; you have to think about the user and the speed in which the site is loading in various geographic locations. If you are getting visitors from all across the world, CDN is the best alternative. Using a CDN will accommodate site to load lot faster regardless the visitor’s geographic location.

Another advantage of loading website in better speed is that it does give your site a good chance of ranking better in the SEO too, as speed is a factor for better ranking in SEO.

Better speed of site leads to better user experiences which in turns lead to better conversion for your website.

Distributing content over CDN puts less overload on server, and the chances of site crashing down with the increase of the traffic is relatively less.

In conclusion, CDN can be very good alternative provided your website is getting a good traffic from various geographic location and you want to serve them up with fast loading website for better user experiences.

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