What is Bounce Rate?

Bounce rate as you have seen in Google Analytics, refers to the percentage of the people that exited to you website from the very first page without entering to another page. Simplifying it’s the percentage of people who visited your site’s single page.

So for example if 3 person visited your site and 1 person exited your site without going to second page then bounce rate is calculated as person leaving the site without going to another page divided by total visit. So in this case bounce rate is (1/3) i.e. 33.33% .

How to minimise Bounce Rate

Bounce rate can be minimised by designing site properly and 2 of the very easy and common way of reducing bounce rate are:

  1. By using internal links
  2. Suggesting user Related or Popular Articles

Internal Links

Any links from within the website’s page to another page are called internal links. Not only internal links help in reducing bounce rate, it does serve another fundaments of SEO by providing a link. Also a user can be guided to another content which they might find useful or relevant to what they are looking for.

Related or Popular Articles

Visitors coming to the site may or may not find adequate with the single article. So suggesting them with related articles or popular articles is very good option in most of the cases.

So is you are a web developer or web site owner or webmaster, I hope this article had given you an idea about what bounce rate is, and how they can be reduced.

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