Welcoming Stripe in Australia

Welcoming Stripe in Australia

Stripe had officially been launched in Australia, and I am really happy as it is the payment gateway I was eager to learn and implement in my upcoming freelancing projects in near future.

Here are some of salient features of Stripe and what makes it good option for any payment gateway integration.

Seamless Security

Security is another and one of the most important factor in selecting payment gateway, and just for peace of mind, stripes do come with abundance of security features. Stripe is well trusted by business all over world and includes companies like RackSpace, FourSquare, HubSpot as their clients.

Stripe is certified to PCI Service Provide Level 1, considered to be the stringent level of certification. And, also it implements 2-Factor Authentication which adds an extra level of security.

Pricing Structure

One of the main feature everyone will be looking at when choosing any payment gateway is the pricing structure and for sure stripe have very simple pricing structure. The pricing is as 1.75% + 30 Cents for Domestic Cards and 2.9% + 30 Cents for International and Amex Cards. And that’s it, there is no hidden costs or no refund costs or monthly fees. More Details of the pricing can be found here.

Currencies Supported by Stripe

Stripe at the point of writing supports more than 100 Currencies, and it does the conversion automatically so that you can charge customers instantly on their local currencies.

Here in Australia as per stripe’s website more than 117 Currencies worldwide are accepted. Details about the currencies that are accepted can be found here.

Natively web and Mobile

Though targeted for web-based solution, stripe provides with featured packed tool kits for both iPhone and Android Applications.

Details about website development to accept payment can be found here.

Mobile app integration and development can be found here.

Built for developers

Stripe is built for various programming language and platforms viz Ruby, Python, PHP, Java and Node.

All the inbuilt APIs support these programming languages and is well document too. Details about API references and documentation can be found here.

Being a WordPress web developer I am pretty happy that stripe have well supported documentation for PHP. Looking forward in integrating Stripe in my projects in near future.


PS – Featured image for the article is from Stripe AU website.

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