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Web Trends in 2014

2013 was a great year in terms of learning and in terms of career web development and in terms of my freelancing website too.

I am taking all the positives from last year and planning to become even better and all round web developer in year 2014.

I am predicting few things based on my personal experiences how the web is going to be shaped in the coming year. It’s related to my field in terms of WordPress Development, Web Development and Web design.

WordPress will be even better

No doubt wordpress will be even better. It’s come a long way since its days as pure blogging platform. It has become more solid and rigid with addition of things like custom posts, taxonomies etc.

Responsive Web Design is going to be quiet crucial

Responsive Web Design is going to be even critical in year 2014. With the invent of new technologies such as 4G and internet getting more and more reliable and faster, responsive websites will have no problem loading at decent speeds.

Social Media Strategies will prevail

Social media will be quiet important terms of marketing in year 2014. Building a better social media presence will be key for success of any business whether to get a decent traffic or getting customers from social media.

Guest Post will be great

Guest post will be another key part of any business marketing. Writing a blog on website with higher traffic and higher pages ranks will boost site’s authority by bringing in traffic as well as helping in SEO SERP results.

IE is going to die slow death

Older version of IE will be going downs soon. With some research and little bit of guts, I don’t support IE7 anymore. The market share of IE has fallen down significantly especially with browsers like Chrome and Mozilla make web browsing experiences even more.

HTML5 and CSS3 will rule

HTML5 and CSS3 is already too hot to handle. In coming year it will be even better. I personally like it for reasons such as it makes page size lot lesser than using traditional approach of using images. And there are so many experimentations going on that even new features will be coming up soon.

So pretty excited about the New Year 2014. Hope it will bring on joy and success for all of us.

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I am Robin - WordPress Developer based in Sydney. I work as Digital Developer. I do some projects now and then, and love blogging about WordPress and Web Design.