allo - web design inspiration

Web Design Inspiration Volume 1

I have decided to start compiling some good web design inspiration. I personally find them worthy and helps me get some idea about modern web design trends and web design best practices.

Below are some of the good web design inspiration you can look to.

Google Allo

allo - web design inspiration

Google Allo is a messaging app with loads of functions and have Google Assistant. I really liked the motion graphics and animation of the website.



neto - web design inspiration

Neto is an online digital platform that helps you sell your product anywhere – online, POS or even in eBay.



stripe - web design inspiration

Stripe provides a way to accept payments online and in mobile apps. Recently stripe had undergone through new website design and I loved it.



bigcommerce - web design inspiration

BigCommerce provides solution to online platform for sales. They too have new website launched recently.

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