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Web Design for beginners

I am primarily a WordPress Developer, but I do web design now and then based on my client requirements. So, do I rank myself as  a web designer? I am still hesitant to say I am a web designer. I still think I am a WordPress Developer first, then a designer.

Saying so, I have seen so many cases where someone well below my skill set is working as a full time web designer too, and some of them are working as mid to senior level web designers. What I am trying to say here is if you really want to start into web design, don’t hesitate and start. You will get there if you try hard and in no time.

One of my proudest WordPress web design moments was to beat few of the local agencies in Sydney and landing a WordPress Developer and Designer role for a corporate client.

I am sharing some of the tips that will help  you fast track to become  a good web designer. Start with these and gradually you will get better with web design.


Typography is the process of selecting a type or set of types for your web design. My strategy when selecting type is either I design websites using 1 or at maximum 2 sets of fonts. This will help design look neat, tidy and appealing.

And also I try to make the font look readable – something that is catchy on eyes and less stressful to read. Play with various techniques like font weight, letter spacing, margins etc. The more you practice the better you get.

In web design, we say Typography makes 50% of web design, which is quite true. Selecting a good font combination  is a must.

Use websites like Google Fonts  –   to see various combinations of fonts. I personally prefer Google fonts, mainly because fonts here are free to use.

Learn to use white spaces wisely

Like Typography, another biggest element that makes a good website is use of white space. White space refers to the area between elements of the pages. These elements can be anything like between fonts or types, images, sections etc.

You might already be familiar with the basics of white spaces. Do you browse Youtube or any website often? Have a look and see the spaces between thumbnail, text, icons etc. That is what refers to white space in web design. It might look quite easy on eyes but it does take some practice to get white space working to the point in web design. Don’t worry you will get there.

Understanding User Experience

User Experience is the overall experience a visitor gets using/browsing your website especially in terms of ease of experience. Based on User Experience, a person either remembers or forgets your website design/brand.

Good user experience constitutes of clever design that include typography, please design etc as mentioned above. Another utmost import factor of user experience is how easy it was for the user to find the information s/he was looking for. So when you design a website make sure information are easy to find. It can be done by designing good navigation, adding search sections and linking content smartly.

Getting Inspired

I love this term. And sharing some secrets with you all. Everybody needs inspiration. I have worked with various sized businesses as a web developer. Before starting a new project, most of the team including designer and developer brainstorm and share ideas that have inspired them.

Most of these ideas come from referring to the popular websites that are doing really well. Yes, it is common for designers to refer to the popular websites. After all, getting inspiration from others isn’t bad at all.

Learn the value of subtle animations

Animation adds value to web design. But never over do it. What makes a really amazing web experience is combining good web design with subtle animations. It provides modern aesthetics.

Start incorporating some basics like transitions in background color, simple movement with typography on scroll etc.

Start reading and following the best in the industries

If you want to learn fast, try to learn from the best. This had always been my motto. A good mentor will help you improve faster. Follow less, but follow the best.

If you ask me where my web design inspiration comes from, I would say from websites like behance, dribble and awwwards. I personally think these are the best places to look and find some of the best designs on the web. Well, if you look at these websites and try to learn you can learn almost everything mentioned in this blog above.


If you want to get started with web design, just get it done. Everyone struggles first, everyone looks here and there for inspiration even the best in the business. Set yourself a reasonable expectation and target and you will get better with time.

About Author

I am Robin - WordPress Developer based in Sydney. I work as Digital Developer. I do some projects now and then, and love blogging about WordPress and Web Design.