what to ask your developer when hiring

Thinking of hiring a web developer?

Thinking of hiring a web developer? Why not ask few questions that might be handy.

Unless you have got a big budget and your website is taken care by full functional web agency it’s never a loss to ask bit more of questions or queries to the web developer you are planning to hire. The more technology they know or the more skills they got always the better. I am writing this article based on my development experience and please do note I am wordpress web developer by profession.

Most recently I have dealt with few projects that pushed my limits to things I already knew of. Getting in touch with threaded emails to the previous developers and tech support was worst nightmares. But I do love this challenges and getting things done at the end of day and seeing happy clients outweighs the difficulties.

I personally use WordPress as the framework or cms to develop website of varied complexities. Over the years of my involvement I have added few skills to my armour. Major skills include Cpanel/WHM Management, Domain Name Management, On Page SEO Optimisation, Google Apps Integration etc.

So why does it really matters to have someone with extra skills for you next web project? As mentioned previously unless you are in safe hand with multi functioning agency, if you are working within reasonable budget these questions might be worthy asking. You aren’t going to lose anything just asking. WIN WIN Situation.

1. Cpanel/WHM Management

cpanel hosting

Knowledge of Cpanel and WHM Management can be really handy in many cases. Through cpanel you can get ideas about things like what resources the website is using. Statistics about the amount of disk spaces the website is using, CPU Usage, Memory Usage, Web Access Logs etc can be found within the cpanel. These can be really handy in cases when site is running through issues.

It’s always good to have someone who are aware of these issues and know the workaround. At very minimum it will be very helpful if your developer knows the hosting providers that are pro in what they are doing and get these issues resolved.

Getting a proper hosting company with good support is a must.

2. Domain Name Management

Domain Name for sure is on the top when comes to getting website live.

In order for website to run, after buying domain name, it must point to the DNS of the web host. In most cases the reseller selling domain names provide interface to add the DNS Nameservers of the web host.

Normally for a new website I prefer working with same company. I prefer to choose the company that sells domains and provide good and feasible solution for web hosting too.

3. On Page SEO Optimisation

After getting website anyone thinks of getting good traffic for their website.

And to get traffic you should SEO. So where does SEO starts? SEO starts right with the development. A good developer with good knowledge of On Page SEO  can help you rank your website.

My previous experiences is that a website with good On Page SEO definitely ranks in Google. Pilates Insync website that I did recently is a very good example of it.

4. Web Design Skills

This is another good skill to have in your developer.

I personally like to design neat, clean and simple websites. I have done some web design for some of client. But having someone with knowledge of Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Photoshop Alternative tools as GIMP might help you saving time and money.

Having someone who knows their workaround with design editing can be both time and money saver.

5. Google App Integration

google apps


*Images from Google App Website

Google App is their party email solution for your business. If you are willing to find an easy to use, safe and flexible solution for email storage Google Apps is a must. Google App also provide file sharing and team collaboration at very reasonable pricing. I do use Google Apps too.

Details can be found in the Google App’s website.

Configuring the third party email services does need some workaround. But nothing major. It’s always good to have someone who knows about it.

It’s never bad to have someone with few extras skill as your web developer. I do get involved in these issues so often and I found it they are must to have when selecting the right match for your next project.




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