Things I dislike being WordPress Developer

Well the topic might be bit misleading, I work full time as WordPress Developer and do freelance now and then, and I am totally happy with both. But now and then when I do hear form people or from potential clients about WordPress, I find it misleading. I have been told few times I am overpriced.

There are few things I do hate about misconceptions about WordPress in the community. But I focus on the bright side, there are so many knowledgeable people who value their website, and I must tell all of my client’s value my opinion and approach as much as I value their website.

So here are few things that I dislike about being WordPress Developer.

Website is 90% done and just need some minor fix

I have got few emails and inquiries when probable client thinks, the website is almost done and just about some minor fix are needed to wrap up and their current developer have either left for holiday or terminated contract for some reason.

But in real case, most of the developers tend to leave project at the middle when it’s out of their skill set and they have taken something above their capacity. My previous experiences fixing the projects left by other developer’s had been really bad. I only did these kind of work when I was new into freelancing career. As of now I tend to stay away from this kind of project.

SEO is easy right?

Many people often come into conclusion that WordPress by default will help in SEO. And you do get to read many blogs where few plugins are reviewed as they help rank website in no time.

Matter of fact is WordPress is built with SEO in mind and it does bring many things in table that helps in optimising website. And also there are so many good plugins that does optimise website in certain level like WordPress SEO by Yoast. But this doesn’t mean WordPress help rank your website without any effort. SEO in ongoing process, as Google ranking algorithm do change now and then. Good SEO is built on basic and it does need time and effort on ongoing basis.

There is plugin for everything

One of the beauty of WordPress is its extensibility. WordPress at the moment is quiet versatile and can be used in websites of various complexity.

Other main reason WordPress is so popular is the repository of plugins that WordPress have. There is a good chance for any functionalities for your website, there might be a plugin in WordPress Plugin repository.

But when it comes to custom functionalities, you might have to look beyond a plugin or theme junkie or designer who is self-claiming to be a WordPress developer. Good chance is you might end up installing lot of unneeded plugins, which might save you time and effort on short term but in long term, it’s an accident waiting to happen.

Yes there are lot of good plugins in the market, that are really awesome and there are some that aren’t.  So when choosing a developer, go with someone with decent experiences and when choosing plugin, please do read reviews before adding it in your website.


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I am Robin - WordPress Developer based in Sydney. I work as Digital Developer. I do some projects now and then, and love blogging about WordPress and Web Design.