Why I started selling WordPress Maintenance?

For past couple of years, I had been educating my clients on the importance of WordPress Maintenance. I thought it was my responsibility as WordPress Developer as well as to make site up and running with minimum issues.

Why should everyone do WordPress Maintenance?

We all know WordPress is open source software and hence anyone can see and dig in the WordPress core’s code. In terms of security and good quality code standards, WordPress as platform is relatively safe. If you implement best practices chances of getting hacked is highly minimised.

One of the most important reasons everyone should run WordPress maintenance is to keep up to date with WordPress core and the plugins. Its outdated WordPress and plugins that are vulnerable to attackers and hackers.

Secondly with every release of WordPress core, there is significant updates on functionalities such as look and feel, speed etc.

WordPress Maintenance – what is covered

With every maintenance job I make sure:

  1. WordPress is updated to latest versions
  2. All plugins are updated to latest versions
  3. Go through website and make sure its functioning as expected

So basically staying updated is the key to success for any website owners as well as minimising the risk of getting hacked.

About Author

I am Robin - WordPress Developer based in Sydney. I work as Digital Developer. I do some projects now and then, and love blogging about WordPress and Web Design.