How small site can over rank bigger sites and become popular

One of the main sources of whatever I have learnt till this date a bout SEO are Matt Cutts’s videos.

I just watched the video of Matt Cutts and it was quiet motivating. He emphasised on that fact that smaller site with higher quality can compete with larger sites with higher traffic. Basically it cleared the myth that bigger sites will always over rank the smaller site.

Not to forget that fact that all site starts small and gradually get bigger. Best thing you can do is follow the best practices and get good at what you do and gradually shift the focus to wider areas. Few days back I shared my experiences on how just following best practices on On Page Optimisation helped one of my client’s site rank much better in Google SEO.

So here are the most important points outlined by Matt. He emphasized on the following points:

  1. Start on focusing on smaller topic area and cover it really well and then grow within bigger topic areas
  2. Focus on better presentation and better User Experiences
  3. Start writing Good Quality Content
  4. Report of higher quality

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