what is site links

What is sitelinks

Sitelinks are the list of links shown below google’s search result. These links are generated based on google algorithms and are based on how relevant and important they are to visitors of the site and how well the site are structured.
At the point of writing google stated that all sitelinks are automated and they are working on to incorporate the functionality in webmaster tools in the near future.
Recommendations for getting proper sitelinks

  • Ease of use and navigation holds key to getting the sitelinks listed on the search result.
  • So making sure that user can go to inner pages within the website is quiet critical.
  • Most of the time, in my personal opionion, inner pages that gets more clicked/visited get listed on the site links.
  • It’s also a good practice to list the navigation inside unordered list [ ul > li > a] in html semantics. List the list within table based layout is to be avoided.
  • Making sure all the pages have proper titles and description [with in meta tags are also important]. In cases where meta description are missing site links only appear as links and without the description about those particular links.

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