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Shared WordPress Web Hosting

Getting your website live and up and running can be tricky. There are so many things to be done. One of that is choosing web hosting options. But the good thing is depending upon your budget there are so many options to choose from. If you are on a tight budget and your website don’t need resource-heavy hosting, shared hosting is a really good option.

What is Shared WordPress Web Hosting?

Shared WordPress Web Hosting is the hosting environment where multiple websites shared and utilise available resources on the same server. Since multiple websites are hosted in the same server, each website has a limit to the usage of the resources.

Think of shared hosting environment as living in the apartment. You have the same address to the other living in the same building, but the only Unit number and level differ. You are using resources such as gym, swimming pool, lift, etc with other people.

Shared WordPress Web Hosting Environment

Depending upon who you choose to host your website, Shared WordPress Web Hosting can be broken down into different tiers. This allows you more choices. But as we all know, the expensive the option the better it is. This doesn’t mean lower tiers are bad. It just depends upon your website requirements.

Advantages of Shared WordPress Web Hosting

Shared WordPress Web Hosting is a great option if you are on a limited budget, don’t have much technical background, and your website doesn’t need many resources to run.

  • Shared hosting is cheaper options for web hosting. For a decent web hosting based in Australia, you can get it on 9 dollars per month
  • Most of Shared Web host provides 99% uptime guarantee
  • Most of shared hosting provide easy to install WordPress option
  • Shared hosting does have tiers of options to choose from
  • Shared hosting comes up with pre installed CPanel or WHM – that can be used to host and manage single websites or multiple websites
  • Most of the web host these days provide with Free SSL – installed and renewed with your web hosting
  • Shared hosting provides periodic backup that can be used to rethe store website in case of emergency
  • Comes with Email Accounts, Limited or Unlimited Bandwidth, generous memory, and CPU allowances
  • Support and maintenance for hosting come for free. So even if you have no technical background, you will be fine


Disadvantages of Shared WordPress Web Hosting

The idea of Shared WordPress Web Hosting sound great. Isn’t it? But shared hosting do come up with pitfalls and drawbacks. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be using shared hosting.

  • The biggest disadvantage of shared hosting is that its prove to security issues, and being the target of hackers. That’s why when you choose a shared host, go with the one with a reputation. They put a lot of good work behind the scene to make your hosting secured
  • You are sharing resources with other websites. The same host that you are hosted might get a lot of request because of the other websites that the are being hosted in same host
  • Loading website might take some extra time. If your website is heavy (in terms of page size), your website will load slower
  • If you are sharing your website with some dodgy websites, it does pose extra threats such as security or your emails being marked as spam etc. But most of the good web host do keep an eye on these sort of event


Shared WordPress Web Hosting is a great option when you have a limited budget for hosting and you are new to the industry and your website can survive on limited resources.  Choose a decent shared hosting and tier with a good reputation and you won’t have any issues. If you outgrow your shared hosting think of an upgrade.

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