Shapes in web design

One of the most recent trend in web design is curves and waves. Personally I am big fan of this latest trends. As I do WordPress web design, staying up to date with latest trend does help me. My website does use this too.

Here are some of the websites that I like using waves and curves in their web design, that make the website look trendy and classy:

  1. Mozilla
  2. Spotify
  3. Opera
  4. Stripe
  5. Slack


Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular browsers. I personally use Mozilla for development tools. In terms of design and development, I had been a huge fan of Mozilla.

One of the salient feature of Mozilla’s web design the usage of brand colors, circular shape that represents its awesome logo.


Spotify must be one of the first website that used circles in their web design. It does go pretty well with its branding. Though the webstie design and content changes quiet frequently, Spotify had always sitcked with its cicular shapes in its web design. Its catchy, elegant and stands out.


Opera is another browser that is up on rise. But I personally think it’s website is second to none. One of the good looking website. Opera does use circle in the design that goes with brand and logo, and highly focused on the alphabet O.


Stripe is another website that advocates the use of shapes in its web design. Had been a huge fan of the technology since it’s launch. Stripe have done great job with design both in terms of main website and documentation website.

One of the most notable ffeature it its design is the usage of diagonal and slanted lines consistenly within its website.


Slack is another website that uses shape in the best way to create an awesome web experience. Slack uses circles, rectangles and heaxangons to highlights its content. Must say they had done a superb job.

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