Shall I name my id advertise – Fun Case with Google AdBlock Chrome Extension

I had just a very weird but funny case with regards to one of the website I was doing.

One of the page section for some reason wasn’t displaying up in the Google Chrome. My initial guess was it might be something related to the Chrome issue specifically.

I did a quick run on all browser alongside Chrome. The html and css code was all good but there was no reason for that section not to appear.

I started figuring out what unique properties or attributes Chrome had over other browsers. Then I came to realise that I had installed an extension called AdBlock on my Chrome.

I am guessing it had been blocking the section content as I had named the id advertise. Surprisingly when changing the id to class, the extension didn’t block the content.


Try naming any section or html block as advertise id. You may not install the extension but lot of people do.

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