Responsive Web Design Inspiration Collection 1

Responsive web site design and development have come a long way now. There are so many designs to get inspirations now and the trend has come a long way.

Recall past memories and browsing around web brings the reminiscence of few websites that I was really inspired by. Here by I am listing my three best sites till this date.



This website really stands out in terms of many aspects viz design, content, imagination and front end coordination that had brought site to life. Very very clever.

Starbucks Coffee


This is one of my favourite sites. I really like the way the site changes layout in different device sizes.

Food Sense


Food sense is another website that I really like in terms of its simple design, responses to different device size.

I really wanted to share the list of websites for responsive web design and what else better than start with a tribute to old guns, sites that were designed very cleverly and are inspiration to many designer/developers like me.

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