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Reasons not to use WordPress

WordPress by far is the most popular and most used CMS at the moment. It’s used by small businesses, bloggers, medium sized corporations, ecommerce sites etc. So why not use WordPress. Here are some reasons that i am pointing out with experience of more then 5 Years of working as WordPress Developer.

WordPress being most used platform, easy to develop, with options for thousands of plugins do get bad names sometime. For being as good as it is, here are some reasons why you should never use WordPress.

If you are thinking everything is free

WordPress and its ecommerce platform WooCommerce is free. Even the Stripe plugin is free. There are free themes that are really great too. So yes most of stuffs are free and ready for you to configure. If you got basic knowledge around WordPress, you can get a good working website up and running.

But everything is not free. If you are thinking most of packages with WordPress comes for you, WordPress might not be the best solution for you.

Bare minimum you should be ready to pay for domain name and good web hosting. And if you are thinking a getting a stunning sites like some of your competitors, there might be some design and development cost. Based on your requirements, it can cost you from hundreds to thousands.

You have downloaded WordPress and WooCommerce and thinking everything is done

If you are thinking downloading WordPress and WooCommerce is main thing and rest of website development is just some work, WordPress and WooCommerce is not for you.

Yes as framework they are awesome and most of functionalities are pre built in. But it does take a lot of work to get site live – up and running.

Both WordPress and WooCommerce works in templating and theming structures. To make WordPress websites look stunning, various skills viz design and development are needed. And it comes with years of practice. The more experienced the developer, better the results. But with experienced developer comes cost too. So, have some budget ready. Unfortunately won’t be free.

I just need to get #1 rankings ASAP and Effortlessly

If you are using WordPress to rank your website without any effort, you shouldn’t use WordPress.

SEO needs ideas, planning and years of experience. Best practices on SEO changes daily, and need to adapt as needed.

SEO can be expensive. On other hand SEO is fun and can be self-taught. Either way have some budget or time ready. Either you can find a great SEO and start your strategy. Or try going long route by learning yourself and doing your own SEO.

Personally, I think hiring a good SEO will help you get results faster and better ROI for your investment.

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I am Robin - WordPress Developer based in Sydney. I work as Digital Developer. I do some projects now and then, and love blogging about WordPress and Web Design.