How to choose a mobile App

Quick Tips on how to choose Mobile Apps or Native Apps.

What are Mobile Apps and Native Apps?

Mobile apps are the website written in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Mobile apps are in fact websites and browsed using browser.

Native apps on other hand are the apps targeted for specific mobile application such Apple IOs or Android OS. These apps are normally downloaded form app stores such as Marketplace or Apple app store.

Accessibility with Mobile Apps and Native Apps

Web App, irrespective of the platforms it’s running on, are updated without user’s intervention. This is to say that if any updates are made within the apps, there is no need for user to go and download the updates. All the changes and updates happen itself without user even knowing about it.

Unlike Mobile Apps, Native Apps are uploaded with user’s intervention. Each updates on the apps are to be manually downloaded and updated by user.

When to Use Mobile Apps and Native Apps?

The main advantage of Mobile Apps over Native Apps is the cost. Designed and developed with bit of research will definitely give the look and feel of the Native Apps. Generally you have to be aware of what you want and what your target sets are. If you want a browser based website targeted for wider range of users, mobile applications will be the best solution.

Mobile apps are built on frameworks such as JQuery Mobile, Sencha and or PhoneGap. For a references how mobile apps look, JQuery mobile have a showcase of mobile apps done with the framework here.

Native Apps on other hand, as stated above, is targeted for particular mobile devices or mobile Operating System, and is directly stored on the device. Native apps are more expensive, but since it utilises all the functionalities provided by the OS, it’s much faster and more efficient.

On Conclusion

When choosing the mobile apps, factors such as budget, target audience, business objectives all comes into considerations. So before choosing a solution you must be clear in what you want to achieve and what sets of goals you are targeting.

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