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Premium WordPress Themes

WordPress theme changes the look and feel of your website. A theme is a group of code that includes PHP files, CSS files, JavaScript files, images etc. Changing theme can change how the visitor sees your website in front end.

There are lot of options when it comes to choosing a theme for your website. You can either go for free themes or premium themes. Or if you are looking for something more customised option, you can opt to hire a WordPress Developer for building custom WordPress theme.

Now let’s switch our focus to premium WordPress themes. I am writing honest article based on my experiences. Though I personally prefer to build custom WordPress themes, there are many cases for premium themes.

What is Premium WordPress Theme?

Premium WordPress Theme are paid theme bought or sold from reseller websites. Some of the popular websites that sell premium WordPress themes are themeforest, template monster to name few.

Premium themes are built with larger audience in mind. Their main focus is to sell cheap and in bulk. Most of the premium themes are good in value and worth it for a good return of value for every cents. They come up with many features which you may use or may not use in your website. To be precise, if you are willing to get a website up and running in no time and budget is also an issue, its good start to get website up and running using a premium WordPress theme.

But on the downside is since premium themes are built to larger target in mind, they tend to be heavy, too generic (look and feel). Also keep in mind, choose a theme from a reputed vendor, as security and loophole are quiet a major issues. Reputed vendors put security on top priority.

Why Premium WordPress Theme – is it worth it?

Major cases where I suggest to use premium theme would be:

  1. Limited budget – when you don’t want to spend much on website and cost is major factor
  2. Limited time – you want to get site up and running and the deadline was yesterday. );
  3. Multiple options for layout – you aren’t sure about the look and feel of your website and you want to experiment different layouts
  4. User experience can be compromised – in cases where user experiences really doesn’t matter. You don’t mind if your website loads bit slow or user focus isn’t major issue.
  5. SEO isn’t a big factor – in case website’s SEO isn’t priority, as most of premium themes may be or may not be optimised for SEO

Now the point is premium theme worth it? In case any of the points above fits the requirement for your project, then the answer is YES. Since premium WordPress themes are reasonably priced, and you don’t mind with points mentioned above, it’s no brainer to get your website running on paid themes.

How to choose a Premium Theme?

It’s really important that you finalise what you want in your website before looking for any premium WordPress themes. The more precise your requirements are, easiest it will be to choose the theme.

These are important factors that help you choose a premium WordPress theme:

  1. Your requirements – make sure what you want in your website.
  2. Your budget – prices do vary and so make sure about your budget
  3. Theme functionalities – make sure what sort of features and functions you are looking at such as sliders, blogs, page builders etc
  4. Reviews and ratings – you can check the reviews written by buyers like you who have bought theme previously
  5. Number of Sales – number of sales does show how popular the theme is

With most of the premium themes, you can send pre-sales queries. Don’t hesitate to write them up with any questions you have got. Also make sure how easy or extensible are the themes in case if you want to add new features on top of them.

How much Premium WordPress Theme cost?

Prices of premium WordPress theme varies. Prices of themes in one of the most popular website themeforest is starts from around 39USD dollar.

One of the good catch at the moment is the7 theme, its priced reasonably and based on my past experiences (this is the only theme I have used) it’s a good value for money at 39 USD.


Premium theme can be a savior if you are looking for cost effective solutions and when time and budget is your main priorities. They might have some negative downside but when chosen wisely can fix your problems at least for short period of time.

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