what is page rank

What is Page Rank?

Most recently google changed its google PR algorithm and I was at the good receiving end. My personal portfolio side had been live for around 9 months and one of the thing that was worrying me was not getting a PR. Luckily at the time of writing I got a PR of 2 which is decent and I am happy with it.

So what really is PR or Page Rank?

Page rank determines the importance of website or relevancy of website, and is calculated by google based on the impact of user. Page rank is dependent on:

  1. How relevant is the website with respect to any keyword or phrases.
  2. Engagement of the site with the user.
  3. The website’s performance on the social media.
  4. The number of incoming links to the website. Here the quality is more important than quantity.

Page Rank doesn’t guarantee better Google Ranking

Higher page rank is a part of google algorithm for display SERP (Search Engine Results Page) results but it doesn’t guarantee in ranking better. But with good page rank it can help in ranking better as google shows the result based on the relevancy of the site, and PR is calculated based on relevancy.

Tips of getting better Page Rank

The main way to get the decent Page Rank is to write relevant and user focused content and copies. This will in turn make sure that user are more engaged to your website and they are more likely to like the content and share them in different social medias.

Another way of getting Page rank is to get links from high PR [page ranked site]. As mentioned above if you written decent and engaging articles it’s more like it will be getting mentioned in other website.

Guest blogging in relevant and high PR site also helps. It provides a valuable link and as well as generates good traffic back to your site.

So in conclusion doing things write and properly is the key to getting a better Page Rank.

How can I see Page rank for any website and pages

There are few decent extension for seeing the page rank.

If you are using chrome then PageRank Status is good extension and can be downloaded here.

And if you are using Firefox, there are few different options but my personal preferences is PageRank and can be downloaded here.

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