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New Year Resolutions for 2016

2015 overall was a good year. I got a chance to work on lot of projects and learned fair few stuffs on the way.

Looking back at 2015, I am happy with what I have achieved. Only regret might had been that I should have tried to learn Laravel. But definitely that will be on top of agenda for the year of 2016.

Being precise these are the New Year resolutions:

  • Improve my web design skills
  • Improve SEO
  • Learn Laravel
  • Improve my product photography

I have stayed updated with most of the web trends throughout my career. But web and technology is moving so fast. It’s always to keep updated as well as make plans ahead.

Web Design

I am self-taught web designer. I did started web design as service in 2015 and the end results were quiet good. And happy clients of course.

What really inspired me to learn web design was the gap between designer and developer. Working in projects, I did see sometimes when there was lack of communication between designer and developer, it did lead to some complexities. And I saw myself closing this bridge between design and development. And also I develop and code with On Page SEO on top of mind. And this is something unique I bring as developer. I honestly believe that a good SEO Campaign starts right form the web design.

Improve SEO

I had been avid SEO practitioner. Like with web design, I am self-taught SEO. Though I don’t call myself full time SEO, I have achieved some success with rankings on my website WP Guru for wordpress related keywords and few other clients for fairly competitive keywords.

SEO is never ending process and there is always more room to grow and more keywords to target. This year I will be target some highly competitive keywords. This will keep me motivated to learn more about SEO as well as improve my skills too.


Laravel is one of the most powerful and robust PHP Frameworks.

With Laravel application development is fun. It does provide with modern toolkits such as ORM, Routing, and Authentication etc. I did tried to learn Laravel last year. But this year I will be more serious. I already added up my subscriptions at Laracasts, which is one of my favourite learning site at the moment.

Product Photography

Often missed out part of ecommerce web design is product photography.

Product photography can be deal maker or deal breaker for the success of your website. As a part of getting serious with design and development, I am planning to offer product photography as part of my services.

So these are my New Year resolutions for 2016. Hope you had made your New Year resolutions too.

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