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Do You Need a WordPress Maintenance Contract?

So what is WordPress Maintenance? A short intro to start with. WordPress is an open source platform. On the flip side of being free to use framework, the code base is exposed to all, this might include people like hackers who want to do damage to your website.

WordPress is pretty stable and secured compared to other Open Source options available but now and then like with any other software, WordPress does expose some vulnerabilities and loopholes. Good thing these are fixed faster as there are communities looking after WordPress Core including Developers, Testers and Security Experts.

What does Maintenance Contracts include?

Depending upon your service provider, WordPress Maintenance Contract includes tasks like backing up website, updating WordPress Core and Plugins, Testing that website is functioning as expected after updates etc.

The need for Maintenance Contract

Why do I need to worry about my website maintenance? I haven’t had any issues for past few years. Is it worth it?

Well the way I want to sum this case up is why would you buy a car insurance every year? You might have a good history and barely had any accident.

As insurance goes with peace of mind so does WordPress Maintenance too. If your website is your reputation and your website matters a lot for your business’s profile it’s a must. And knowing WordPress expert is looking after your WordPress does give you some less worries. In case of any problems, the site can be restored within minimum timeframe.

Cost involving WordPress Maintenance

So how much really involves for the Maintenance?

It’s really hard to tell upfront. Like with any insurance premiums it does depend with various factors such as the complexity of website, number of plugins used etc.

Generally the well-built website within WordPress API and carefully selected plugins are relatively easy to maintain. There are minimum chances to run through problems when updating.

Importance of Regular WordPress Maintenance

WordPress Core itself updates frequently. Some of the updates are critical while others are less critical. Critical updates fixes security vulnerabilities while less critical updates can be anything like css fixes, cross browser compatibilities etc.

It’s highly recommended to update the WordPress Core whenever there is major security fixes.


I normally recommend my clients to have a periodic WordPress Maintenance Contract. Monthly contracts suits better or at least once every 3 months is a must.

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