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The latest trend of website is going towards mobile development. In recent time the number of user coming to website are coming more and more through mobile devices rather than
desktop devices. This had given rise to the development of mobile specific websites. Along game the trends of developing websites focusing for mobile user.

Recent trends had been developing separate site for mobile users. User are guided to mobile site by detecting what sort of devices they are using. Another trend had been using the concept of responsive web design, where the concept of site responding to the size of the device resolution. By detecting the resolution of device web site adapts to different layout.
A series of media queries are written targeting different screen resolution.

The popularity of the Android and IOS devices had seen the manufacturer introduce so many mobile devices with varied resolution. It might be an oppurtunity for web developer to get more involved but the challenge of testing the website over different resolution arises. Very few developer have all the devices available. But not to worry there is a web service that let your test the website output over different resolution.

Responsinator, as it is called is very handy service and on top of all its a free service. All we need to do is to upload the website and just input the url in the site and it automatically generates the view of the site over different resolution. At the time of writing responsinator facilitates different screen resolution as:

  • iPhone 3+4 portrait 320 x 480
  • iPhone 3+4 landscape 480 x 320
  • iPhone 5 portrait 320 x 568
  • iPhone 5 landscape 568 x 320
  • Crappy Android portrait 240 x 320
  • Crappy Android landscape 320 x 240
  • Android (Samsung Galaxy) portrait 380 by 685 (equivalent desktop resolution)
  • Android (Samsung Galaxy) landscape 685 by 380 (equivalent desktop resolution)
  • iPad portrait 768 x 1024
  • iPad landscape 1024 x 768
  • Kindle portrait 600 x 1024
  • Kindle landscape 1024 x 600

The output shown by the site is quiet good though its not 100%, as there are some fluctuations over different platform and browsers. But overall, its an awesome service and great time saver. Have your first go at responsinator and enjoy the experience and save your time );

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