4 Mistakes web design client makes

Generally when someone is up for getting a website designed and developed, everyone wants to get website live as soon as possible and as cheap as possible. Its human nature and it does come up with consequences.

There aren’t any sort of unethical web developers and they oversell and deliver low quality website putting client into all sort of disarrays. Being WordPress Developer of more than 5 Years, I have learnt that the best way to run business is to run it on ethical way.

Normally, I am pretty much upfront with all the enquiries I get. Also I try to deliver the best. That’s why I do have good working relationship with all of my clients. But as customer point of view, what should you be looking at or what you should be doing to find a good web developer. Here are top 5 things you shouldn’t miss by any chance if you are looking to hire a good web developer.

Going for cheapest quote

We all know quality come at some cost. Generally by rule of thumb, the more experienced the developer is higher will be his/her rates. Be real, have a decent budget and look for the right developer that suits your budget.

Get quotes from various developers. And choose likewise. In most of cases, client tends to go with the cheapest quotation and end up with a fine mess. Try avoid this situation. I am no way trying to say the more you pay, the better quality you will get. All I am saying is be sensible with all the quotes and find a right match.

Not checking the background

So many agencies and developers follow many ways to cut the cost.

Two of the main strategies are:

  1. Subcontracting or outsourcing to other developer
  2. Using Premium themes

In both cases, quality of your website is compromised. You might end up with less valued website for the amount of money you paid for.

Do consider or talk to developers on what they bring on table before choosing your option.

Not asking for reference check

So how to avoid #2.

I am not by any means saying outsourcing is bad. If you or your developer can find a good outsourcing team it can work wonder. For sure it will save you time and money.

But just in case if you want to avoid the dodgy developers, make sure you ask them for some reference check. Just be sensible. If you are Australian based business, for sure it will be good to talk with someone local as reference check and ask some details on what sort of website was delivered at the end of the project. If you Australian based business and check reference with the business owner of other country, just be careful and think twice before handing over your project.

Not knowing the importance of quality code

A good quality website is your assets. It grows its value every day.

With website is your reputation intact. A good website will boost your online presence and leaves some remarks on your visitors. And likewise a bad website will harm your reputation.

Good quality code means security. Imagine if your website is badly done and your website have regular downtime. Won’t it affect your revenue? Won’t it affect your reputation?

Let me bring another point here. I do hear lot of enquiries asking about my SEO service. I am not an SEO but I do On Page SEO optimisation quiet well. Over period of time, a well optimised sites ranks in Google SEO. WordPress Developer with good On Page SEO skills like me bring extra on table.


In cases like above you should focus on quality too. It might take some extra dollars from your pocket because a good developer charges bit more then dodgy ones, but overtime it will have good return of investment for your business and website.

So when choosing your next Web Developer, choose wisely.

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I am Robin - WordPress Developer based in Sydney. I work as Digital Developer. I do some projects now and then, and love blogging about WordPress and Web Design.