Why I have minimum ballpark for my project

I do get asked about projects of various complexity – quick easy fix or some bigger job. But since I started working as WordPress Developer, one of the best decision I have made is to stick with minimum ball park figure.

My philosophy with any project had been to deliver best and help client with ROI. But in order to deliver best result proper plan is needed. My goal had been to do less project and deliver outstanding results rather than take as many possible and deliver bad website.

Why minimum ballpark

We all know as web developer, there will be fair bit of work involved in any project we take over. If you are new to freelancing, it’s very common to under quote the project. Often you come up with hidden challenges in fixing more problems than you initially thought of.

If you are new to industry and trying to build up link and reputation, you might be willing to spend some extra effort to please your client. This will work in short term but trust me this won’t work in long term.

But a good website is well architecture, meets client’s requirements and delivers client expectations. Every website is unique and hence to deliver top notch product requires good planning, good quality code and testing. To make sure all of these are guaranteed, I stick with ballpark figure. Honestly with most of project I end up working more then what I normally quote for. But seeing results and clients happiness does outweigh extra burden taken.

Commit more to project and ensure quality

I do have an advantage of working full time and working as Freelance WordPress Developer on side. And hence I am quiet selective to projects I take. But with projects I am taking, I make sure I deliver the best results.

When I am charging minimum ballpark:

  1. I have time to do some research on project and plan it
  2. I make sure I deliver the best
  3. I have more commitment and attachment

Honestly based on skill set and results that I have delivered over past, my pricing had been very reasonable. It’s just with setting up ballpark, there is extra bit that ensure more attachment to project and delivery of good results.

Client value results more

Let’s be honest. WordPress niche is so varied. You can get a website build for couple of hundreds. Pick up a premium theme and add content. But this approach won’t deliver good results.

Good websites are built with proper plans. Most of clients expect website to be built as cheap as possible. But there are still clients who understand value of a good website, and they know it needs some extra effort to build a good website.

All of my clients I have worked with, I have built good working relationship and help them get better web presence. One of my core strength had been helping them rank better in Google SEO. This is partly because of trust shown by the clients. I have clients that I had been with me for more than 5 years and I help with them, maintaining their websites,

I am very upfront and honest with all my clients. And also willing to help or advise people who enquire through my website to find an ideal case based on their budget and timeframe.

It’s about working as team

As client developer relationship, it’s vital to trust each other. When a client trust his developer, it does give extra confidence and motivation to do better. At same time as Web Developer working on someone’s project, it your responsibility to get the best result for your client and of course not overcharging for client’s trust too.

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I am Robin - WordPress Developer based in Sydney. I work as Digital Developer. I do some projects now and then, and love blogging about WordPress and Web Design.