What to look for when hiring a WordPress Developer?

If you are looking to hire a WordPress Developer, its advice you spend time to find the right developer. Think about your website as your house, selection of developer can make or break your dream. Find a good developer, you will get good return for investment and choose a bad one, you are ruined.

Finding a good WordPress Developer isn’t as hard as you think of. It’s advised to find a local developer or even freelance WordPress Developer might be a good option. Just to make life bit easy for you, I am hereby listing some of the tips that can help you find a suitable match.

WordPress Development Portfolio

Have a look at the developer’s work. You can tell a lot about WordPress developer looking at his/her work.

It’s always good to have varied work on the folio. For example you can check here my WordPress Development Portfolio.

WordPress Development Experience

WordPress can handle complex projects if implemented correctly. Some of the world’s highest traffic website and complex websites are implemented on WordPress.

There are so many so called developers that buy premium theme and boast themselves as expert developer while they have only done is customising the look and feel of the premium theme only. Try to find the developer who develops custom solutions, have developed plugins and who knows WordPress inside out as framework.

Client Testimonials

Nothing speaks more than the genuine testimonials from real client. If you really like the developer’s work and willing to work with them don’t hesitate to ask for the references.

If the developer have real testimonials on their website, it shouldn’t be a hard job to talk to one of the client and get some feedback from them.

Work Ethics

It’s always good to work with good and upfront developers.

Ask developer as many question as possible and get to know him/her better. Some of the people do dodgy work and put the price as the bait to get the job and add hidden costs later.

One of the example is in order to lower the cost of the project, few of the designer and developer use premium themes and all they do is install and reskin the template. I am not against premium theme, but it should be made aware to the client about how the work is done and let them know the real cost involved.

So be prepared to spend some time with the developer and get to know them better. Be aware if there are hidden cost involved later.

Extra Skills

A skill full developer can bring lot of extra skill sets on the table. Personally I bring design and SEO. I am good with server and c-panel maintenance.

Keep in mind it’s always good to bring extra skillsets in your project. Every bit counts.

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I am Robin - WordPress Developer based in Sydney. I work as Digital Developer. I do some projects now and then, and love blogging about WordPress and Web Design.