What is Freelance WordPress Developer?

Lesson learnt from WordPress Maintenance

For past few years, one of the services I added to my set was WordPress Maintenance. I take it quite seriously now.

As WordPress Developer, I take pride in delivering best solutions to my clients. For peace of mind for both myself and client, maintenance is major part of success. It’s critical for security purposes and making sure site runs smoothly and minimal downtime.

Hereby I am sharing some of the tips that might help you as website owner or freelance developer, and you might start taking maintenance jobs quiet seriously.  Because, trust me, no matter how good you have coded your website or how many precautions you have taken its not guaranteed that you won’t run through some issues.

Always choose reputed plugins

WordPress plugins are savior. There are so many good plugins both free and premium that are available in WordPress repositories and market.

Honestly I am not big fan of plugins but there are few plugins both free and premium that are part of my WordPress projects.

So why does you have to be careful when choosing plugins.

  1. Well plugins author and companies are like brand. With good plugin comes up the reputations, quality and commitment.
  2. They are well maintained
  3. They are secured
  4. They are compatible with latest version of WordPress
  5. They are well documented – and easy to customised if needed

Choose a web hosting with reputation

Good web hosting adds layer to WordPress security. This is one of the main reason I suggest you to choose a good quality web hosting. Very often people go with cheaper solution compromising the security side, and hence when got hacked, people tend to blame on WordPress. There are plenty of options with web hosting and if you do some research you can find a good one with reasonable pricing.

Here are few reasons why you should go with web hosting with reputation:

  1. They back up website at regular interval – if something goes wrong, your website can be diverted back to that latest backup
  2. They provide layers of security
  3. They provide speed and reliability
  4. They provide good customer service and have dedicated team working on the cases. My suggestion would be to find someone local so that you can talk to them or communicate in your same time zone

Choose a good WordPress Developer

A good WordPress Developer is as critical as your developer when you are building your own house. Ask yourself, will you choose a bad developer to build your house just to save couple of hundred dollars or happy to pay some extra to build your house by choosing a good developer.

Very often people tend to choose WordPress Developer based on quote only, without knowing what sort of services are on offer. Make sure you select one with good portfolio or someone who can provide you some references if needed.

WordPress website can be built on few hundred dollars to few grands. It also depends upon how much you are willing to spend and what sort of return you are looking for.

So here are few things that a good WordPress Developer brings on table:

  1. Peace of mind
  2. Good Security strategies
  3. Well written and maintained code
  4. Make sure website runs smoothly with less down time
  5. Various recommendations for SEO and User Experience
  6. And many more


WordPress is for sure a solid and reputed platform to build your website. For getting best out of your website and running it without any issues, good maintenance strategy is needed. Hopefully this article might have helped you know about some of the best practices on what’s needed for your website security and maintenance.

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I am Robin - WordPress Developer based in Sydney. I work as Digital Developer. I do some projects now and then, and love blogging about WordPress and Web Design.