Lead Conversion Tips

Having coffee and thinking about what to write on. I replied my leads from the website. I always try to reply all emails even though some of the enquires don’t fit the type of projects I look for just as basic courtesy and saying thanks for taking time to write to me.

Then an idea came to my mind to share about few tips on how my website is converting over past few years. Here are few things I am sharing based on clients feedback and personal experiences why my website is doing relatively well in the competitive market of WordPress developer.

Have a unique website

I always built my website from scratch. I design my website, code them without using any front end framework and built backend on WordPress without using any premium themes. This helped me get some advantage over competitors on unique look and feel and loading speed.

A catchy domain name always helps

To be honest, I was very fortunate to get this domain name wpguru.com.au. It’s catchy and servers its purpose of pitching me as WordPress developer.

Having a unique website and catchy domain name had helped me to standout form crowd. Clients do browse few options and enquire for best matches. But at least, for good start to remember my name and website, it had been very good.

Focus on client relationship

I had landed few projects based on references. So this is another thing I would suggest. Build good relationships with client. I try to be as good as possible pre or post website launch. My prices for maintenance had been very reasonable and I do suggest best practices and recommendations that is good for website. Never take advantage of client’s lack of knowledge, be upfront and honest.

Stay up to date

Staying up to date with industry always help. Blogging can help you pitch yourself on how proactive you are in your industries trends. I have landed some projects just based on the types of blogs I have written.

Check your Junk Emails too

Funny but true. I did land a project last year replying my lead that was pushed on junk email. Read your email before you delete. Though it was in junk folder, I was smart enough to know that it was a genuine lead. At the end this project turned out to be one of the best project I worked on till this date.

Over in conclusion, if you are running a business or pitching yourself as freelancer, staying smart and proactive always helps. Learning from experiences and getting better with your skill sets make you better.


About Author

I am Robin - WordPress Developer based in Sydney. I work as Digital Developer. I do some projects now and then, and love blogging about WordPress and Web Design.