the future of laravel

Laravel’s Future and the future looks bright

Laravel had grown quiet rapidly considering that it’s only about 3 years old. Some significant features of laravel being composer powered, great growing community, proven foundation and compatibility with symfony components etc.

One of the question every PHP developer ask quiet often is about framework’s future. As we have seen many promising framework come and go. Most recently we have seen CodeIgniter one of the popular framework handed to British Columbia Institute of Technology by the creator of the framework Ellislab.

Laravel had been rising to prominence in past few years. The community is growing bigger and new features had been added quiet often too. But the doubt of its longevity had been one of the question that most of PHP developer tend to ask themselves.

So it’s a definite question about Laravel’s Future, who will maintain Laravel etc.

But the good news is that the creator of Laravel Taylor Otwell had decided he will be working part time with Laravel Development and will commit more time to Framework’s Development in his blog dated August 4, 2014. That’s get even better, the most recent blog about laravel’s future, Taylor had mentioned that it will be his full-time passion from the beginning of 2015. To top it up the blog on laravel’s site also mention that early next year ie in 2015, Laravel 5 will be releasing.

This is really good news for someone like me. I had just started learning Laravel. My main source of learning had been Laracasts. I come a background of being wordpress web developer, but being from PHP background I really want to build amazing applications with the best framework. For sure laravel is going to fit in that bill. And I am already excited about 2015, and planning to set up goals for 2015 and excel in Laravel.



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