Knowledgeable WordPress Clients?

Love it or hate it. One of the most commonly heard myths being WordPress Developer is that everything is cheap and free when it comes to WordPress web design and WordPress Development. If a client is looking for some dodgy website, this can be true. But building good quality website takes time and effort. Fortunately there are plenty of clients who value quality work and know it’s an investment for the future.

So if you are worried about your client’s expectation and not getting paid what you worth as web developer, my suggestion would be – you might be doing wrong. Market yourself to find knowledgeable clients who value their website.

Complexity of Project

A common myth about WordPress Development is that everything can worry about WordPress plus it’s easy and cheap. There are lot of people who believe high complex functionalities can be built with the framework and there are already hundreds of plugins to add any functionalities on the website and it’s really easy to build. Don’t be surprised when you speak to someone saying that 90% of website is done just because they have installed WordPress and WooCommerce and only 5-10% percent work is left to done to make it look amazingly beautiful with great SEO and oh yes with bit of full functional checkout.

How do knowledgeable clients think?

Knowledgeable clients know that online sales and lead can bring more revenue. In some cases, online sales contribute to more than 50% of any company’s revenue. They know good functional website with stability needs effort and extra experience. If they need to grow they will have to work with experienced developers.

WordPress web design

A common myth about WordPress web design is it’s easy. Buy a premium theme that cost 50 dollars and you get a website up and running. These premium themes are marketed so well that it’s not that hard to understand why everyone has high expectations. To make matters worse, paid or affiliated reviews or testimonials from some of the leading bloggers are getting common.

Honestly, building a decent website on top of the premium themes are achievable. But the area where they struggle is the User Experience part and conversion part. Conversion oriented website needs research, extra effort, and optimisation. This is another area where premium themes struggle. Making website work on various devices when extra functionalities over pre-built functions are nightmare on premium themes.

How do knowledgeable clients think?

My experience is a knowledgeable client always trust you with your work and expertise. They know the value of good web design. On another side, being upfront and honest with client is quite crucial too. If your client expectation is low and they don’t want high functionality website, overselling is not ethical.

Bottom line: Premium themes can be a good solution when you want website with fewer expectations on user experience and conversion optimisation.

WordPress SEO

Well, who hasn’t heard about WordPress SEO plugins? It’s pretty good and I use it too. A common myth about WordPress SEO in general is – website starting ranking when you use one of the reputed plugins. Well if that’s the case almost every website using plugins will be on top of page number isn’t it,

How do knowledgeable clients think?

My experience is that clients who know about SEO either have done plenty of research or they have spent some budget trying to improve their SEO. They do have an idea that ranking on Google is that straightforward and easy.

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