Sneak peak at ACF Pro

Just Got a Hands on ACF Pro

One of the to-do list on my weekend was to get a copy of developer licenses of ACF Pro. And it’s done.

I am really excited about using this plugin in my projects, as the free version of ACF was one of my favourite WordPress plugin. I was eagerly waiting for the Pro Version to release soon and for sure the price is quiet reasonable for what it does, i.e., getting a developer licence at 100 AUD.

Since I focus more on custom wordpress development solutions and on page optimisation, this plugin does a great job.

Three of the main advantages that this plugin brings in table are:

  1. Development process is way too fast and flexible using this plugin
  2. It helps me build very light weight page, i.e. to avoid the excess unwanted html mark-ups. I can take control of most of the mark-ups in way I want too.
  3. And in turn I can focus on writing better SEO Optimised HTML Mark-up which is quiet critical in the service I provide to my client

Details about the plugin can be found here.

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