Is WordPress Easy to Use?

I had been working as WordPress Developer for more than 5 years now. During this time I had privilege to work with clients ranging from small businesses, medium scaled businesses, corporates etc. One thing I loved about my clients is that they were quiet knowledgeable about web development and valued their website.

One of the most frequently asked question is that is WordPress easy to use? In just simple one sentence I can say. It really depends upon the complexity of the site – it can be very easy to use like cutting and pasting to hiring a separate person to maintain the site.

How easy is WordPress?

I must tell WordPress is relatively easy compared to other Content Management System. This is mainly due to Text Editor, Plugins and other Page Builders available.

WordPress can be really easy to use publish content and updating them. Let’s take the case of blogging, where your main priority is just writing and you don’t care about look or feel and functionality of your website, WordPress can be really easy to use.

Let’s consider that your site’s look and feel does matter to you. In that case you can either hire a designer and developer to build site for you, or just buy one of the premium themes that suits your needs.

Now let’s consider the scenario where your website really matters for your business. It’s look and feel have to do justice to your branding, content hierarchy and organisation matters for your SEO and marketing, its impression and reputation helps you in lead generation. In this case, your website had to build properly and will need proper planning and strategy.

What I am trying to say here is that WordPress can build website of various complexities, and depending upon your skill sets and understanding of WordPress as CMS, WordPress can be relatively easy to use or need some consultancy and documentation to maintain on ongoing basis. From my personal experience, a well scoped site built with proper strategy and with proper documentation and consultancy, most of the website can be handle and managed by clients.

WordPress can build websites of various complexities

WordPress is so versatile platform that is used by any hobby blogger to well-known big brands. WordPress is so extensible that it can be used or extended to build Learning Management System, Ecommerce platform, and Secured private portal etc.

If WordPress is chosen wisely based on client requirements, WordPress can build and run these platform as secured as other platforms and handled with versatility as other platforms.


  1. WordPress is relatively easy to use compared to other CMS around provides it’s designed and developed properly.
  2. The ease of using WordPress does depend upon the complexity of the website.
  3. For someone familiar with WordPress and can follow documentation WordPress can work like a charm

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